Carpenters Local 27, a diverse group of kids from Sick Kids

Carpenters Union/Carpenters District Council of Ontario helps kids and their families by 1 million dollar gift this past week to The Hospital for Sick Children

 "Building stronger communities also means strengthening those around us" -- The Carpenters Union says

TORONTO, Dec. 12, 2018 /CNW/ - Over the years there has been a strong bond between The Hospital for Sick Children and The Carpenters UnionThere is deep appreciation for all of the work and support, every day, the medical staff provide for their patients and families. This minute by minute responsibility to those in their care, combined with state of the art treatment, makes The Hospital for Sick Children one of the finest facilities in the world.

For those outside of the medical community, it all begins with caring; caring not just for the children in need, but caring for those whose charge it is to heal and to help, to hold and to embrace the most vulnerable people in the world – our sick kids.

This donation is a reminder that the greatest gift this holiday season is to our health, to our immediate present and what we can do today, and to the lives of the future that all childhood represents.

"SickKids is honoured to have the financial support of Carpenters Ontario District and all of its members. We are proud to be the Hospital caring for the most seriously ill children in Ontario and their families, and are so grateful to have the Carpenters' join us in being all-in to build a new SickKids. Carpenters are an important partner in bringing our vision one step closer to reality." Says Ted Garrard, Chief Executive Officer, SickKids Foundation

Mike Yorke, President of Carpenters Local 27 says "The Carpenters of Ontario are proud to partner with such a caring and life-impacting organization".

Tony Iannuzi, Executive Secretary Treasurer Carpenters' District Council of Ontario is available for interviews.

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