Political Action

Why Political Action Matters

The Carpenters Union has a long and proud history of advocating for meaningful social progress by getting involved in the federal, provincial and municipal political process. Through political action, we work on things that matter to all our members and contractors including:

  • Labour laws that serve members and contractors including fair wages, worker safety and health and welfare programs.
  • Initiatives that support and promote excellence in training and health and safety for members.
  • Government programs, policies and initiatives that promote and grow the middle class.

Campaigns against the underground economy which exploits workers.

  • Legislative measures that threatens our members and our Union.
  • Infrastructure funding that creates good jobs, stimulates the economy and grows the middle class.
  • Greater mobility for our members through advocating for a construction mobility tax credit enabling members to work across Canada.

We have had enormous success advocating for infrastructure investments that have resulted in thousands of direct employment opportunities for our members. With your help, we will continue to advocate and achieve our political action goals in the months and years ahead.