Community Outreach

Local 27 supports numerous community events and initiatives each year.  Through being involved in supporting the community, Local 27 is able to provide support to groups and organizations allowing them to deliver programming and supports that enable communities to grow through the support provided.


Local 27 believes in the power of community and supporting communities that our members belong to.  Examples of community support and involvement on behalf of Local 27:

Food For The Poor

A delegation from Local 27 along with staff from the International Union of Painters and contractor partners travelled to Jamaica in the summer of 2018 to build a new school for a small community.  Through the support of Local 27, a community was able to benefit from a new school being built which benefits all children in the surrounding communities ensuring access to education.

Carpenters Local 27, Mike Yorke and carpenters union visit school kids overseas.

Mike Yorke, President of Local 27 (top row second from right) and Chris Campbell, Local 27 Business Agent (top row second from left) participate in the ribbon cutting for the new school located in Trelawny, Jamaica.

Renos for Heroes

The role the military plays in keeping all Canadians safe is one that Local 27 values and recognizes.  Renos For Heroes is a community organization that provides support to returning veterans through providing veterans with the resources needed to retrofit their homes when returning from combat with injury.

Carpenters Local 27, union with sign that says "Another Project By: Renos for Heroes"

Staff and members of Local 27 assisting with the retrofitting of a returning veterans home in order to support the veteran and his family with reintegration into life after the military.

Scarborough Health Network Foundation

The projects that members work on across Toronto do not only provide opportunities for members to make strong wages and receive access to a pension and benefits, but are projects that provide critical support to communities, such as hospitals and healthcare centres.  Local 27 believes strongly in all communities having access to healthcare.  This is one of the reasons why Local 27 supports the Scarborough Health Network Foundation in providing financial support for current and future projects.

Mike Yorke, President of Local 27 (second from left) presents Scarborough Health

Mike Yorke, President of Local 27 (second from left) presents Scarborough Health Network Foundation with a donation on behalf of Local 27 in support of current and future infrastructure needs in the Scarborough community.